FR4 PCB Manufacturing

High-Quality PCB Fabricate  In China

◆ 1-40+ layers, Rigid, Flex and Rigid-Flex

◆ Impedance Control, Back drill, Heavy Copper 40 oz

◆ FR4, High Speed, High Frequency, Metcal core, Ceramic, PTFE

◆ Blind & Buried Vias, Micro Vias, Any-Layer HDI

◆ VIPPO, Conductive & Non-Conductive via plugging

◆ Backplane, Embedded Devices, IC Substrate

Founded in 2009, Ulectronics is a trusted PCB manufacturing company in China, providing one-stop PCB manufacturing solutions, focusing on small and medium volume production. The company insists on being a long-term strategic partner of customers, providing customers with flexible and sincere service. As a result, our company has gained the recognition and trust of more than 1,000 customers. Ule'c't'ron'ic is committed to developing into an efficient and influential PCB manufacturing supplier in China, providing customers with the best quality printed circuit boards at the most competitive prices.